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   Pocket Pen Tablet
  • With dongle type receiver, plug in and write freely on iPad screen;
  • You can lean your palm on capacitive screen during writing, which is very user-friendly;
  • Input very accurate and fine drawing and writing without changing your writing habits;
  • Handwriting meeting memo, handwriting e-mails, Math, Physics, Chemistry formulas, graphics, diagrams can be input on iPad screen freely;
  • Do Photo sketcher on .JPG pictures on iPad screen;
  • Do annotations or e-signature on screen shot;
  • Photo editing on iPad screen;
  • Paperless solution, green product;
  • Free applications are available in Apple's app store.
    Product Feature
  • Stylus is just a stylus, it can just provide rough digital inking experience on iPad screen to you, but for serious and accurate writing, drawing or sketching on iPad, stylus is not your ideal choice.
  • Stylus is just a stylus, you cannot lean your palm on capacitive screen during drawing and writing, it is not user friendly.
  • Stylus is just a stylus, while smart pen for Apple iPad is intelligential and can meet your high-level requirements for brilliant performance of accurate and free writing or drawing on iPad.
    Product use graphics
    For Work
    You can do handwriting meeting memo, email, e-signature freely
    For Study
    You can input formulas, drawings etc. which can not be done by keyboard
    For Fun
    You can do freehand drawing and graffiti freely on iPad
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