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USB Flash Disk

 Question: What should I do when actual pictures does not match the pictures in the CD and the manual?
Answer: The pictures in the CD and manual are just for reference. Please refer to your exact operation.

 Question: When the USB Flash Disk is installed properly, the system still cannot identify the device, why?
a) Please check "USB controller" option in the BIOS. Confirm you have selected
"Enable" for this item.(Please refer to the Motherboard BIOS manual for detail information).
b) Make sure USB Flash Disk is connected well with USB interface.
c) Confirm whether the USB system was installed correctly, please refer to the related operating system manual for the correct setting of USB system.

 Question: Can I scan the USB Flash Disk using the "Scandisk" tool provided by WINDOWS?
Answer: Yes. But you would better not choose the "full" scandisk option, which will cause the flash memory's sectors is written into multiple times. That will affect the life of the USB Flash Disk.

 Question: Why available disk space is less than the identified value?
Answer: Because the USB Flash Disk utility shares some of space, and some of space is used as exchange area to enhance writing and reading speed.

 Question: What does the light of USB Flash Disk indicate?
Answer: It is in standby mode when the light is on. It is in read/write status when the light glitters.

 Question: Is it OK to pull out the USB Flash Disk when the light glitters?
Answer: No, you could not. Otherwise, the data in the disk should lose or the blue screen should appear.

 Question: Under Windows ME or Windows 2000 operating system, I unplugged the USB Flash Disk in the proper way, but the computer indicates "Unsafe Removal of Device". Why?
Answer: It is caused by improper operation. The proper operation is as follows: click Safely Remove Hardware icon at the right bottom of the taskbar--click "Stop" button-- click "OK"--Plug the USB Flash Disk out of the USB port after the removable disk icon disappear from My Computer.

 Question: Under Windows 98/SE operating system, why blue screens are caused by the plug and unplug operation sometimes?
Answer: You can resolve the problem by pressing any key or re-plugging the USB Flash Disk and then pressing any key. The proper operation is as follows: Make sure all the files located in the USB Flash Disk are not using before unplugging the USB Flash Disk.

 Question: When large amount of files (less than the theoretic capacity) are copied, why the computer indicate, "The real capacity is not enough"?
Answer: For the USB Flash Disk, space for individual file is set as 16k, while for local hard disk, the space is set as 4~8k. Consequently, for the same file, the space in the USB Flash Disk is larger than that in the hard disk.

 Question: When I unplug the USB Flash Disk after the computer indicates accomplishment of copy process, it prompts that files have not been copied completely yet, Why?
Answer: Since the operating system provides buffer space for data storage, the rate of progress does not equal to the real accomplishment of data copy. User should notice the LED indicator. If it is still fast flashing, you cannot unplug the USB Flash Disk. When you confirm it is not fast flashing in a certain period (2 seconds usually), then you can unplug it.

 Question: Can USB Flash Disk be shared in Local Area Network?
Answer: Yes, you can operate it just as a local hard disk.

 Question: Can I connect the USB Flash Disk with the host that supports USB 2.0?
Answer: Yes. But user should confirm whether the USB2.0 driver in the PC has been installed properly, or connection may be failed. (If you find the equipment has a "!" under "equipment controller"→ "USB Controller" or there is no "USB 2.0 Root Hub", that means you did not install the USB2.0 driver properly on the PC.)

MP3 Player

 Question: The indicator or frequency display does not light up when I install the device in the car.
Answer: Reinsert the device to the cigarette lighter. If the problem still exists, try to replace the safety fuse.

 Question: I cannot play the music on the removable disk or memory card.
Reload the music files
Reinsert the removable disk or memory card

 Question: The indicator lights up, but the keys don't function
Answer: Reinsert the device to the cigarette lighter.

 Question: The indicator lights up, but there is no sound.
Answer: Because the USB Flash Disk utility shares some of space, and some of space is used as exchange area to enhance writing and reading speed.

 Question: What does the light of USB Flash Disk indicate?
Check whether the removable disk is inserted well.
Check whether the LINE-IN cable is connected well.
Check whether the music file is in a supported format
Adjust the volume

 Question: There is noise when I tune to a station
Answer: Please switch to a station where there is no signal interference.

Car MP3 Player

 Problem: The LCD displays nothing when the device is started.
Possible Cause:
1. No battery or battery is too low.
2. The keys are locked.
Solution: Reinsert the device to the cigarette lighter. If the problem still exists, try to replace the safety fuse:
1. Install or replace the battery.
2. Unlock the Hold switch.

 Problem: The player cannot be powered on even the battery is replaced.
Possible Cause: FAT table in the flash memory may have errors in the case of strong magnet, static, and incorrect disconnection.
Solution: Upgrade the firmware

 Problem: Press the Play button after turning on, while the player has no response.
Possible Cause: The keys are locked by Hold switch
Answer: Slide the Hold switch to the unlocked position.

 Problem: No sound when playing music or voice file.
Possible Cause:
1. The volume is too low.
2. There are problems with the audio file.
1. Adjust the volume.
2. Delete the file or play other files.

  Problem: The player cannot be connected to the PC.
Possible Cause:
1. The driver is not installed or destroyed.
2. The USB interface is not supported by PC’s motherboard.
1. Install or reinstall the driver shipped with the player.
2. Update or replace the PC’s motherboard.

 Problem: The displayed time is changing constantly.
Possible Cause: The bit rate of the MP3 file is changing during playback.
Answer: Try to use fixed bit rate to compress the MP3 file.

 Problem: The PC has error when you plug and unplug the player.
Possible Cause: The player is disconnected from the PC abruptly while transferring files.
Answer: Do not disconnect the player from the PC when transferring files.

  Problem: Total memory displayed on the player is not in accordance with the marked amount.
Possible Cause: Part of memory is used to store programs and display characters.

 Problem: Some of MP3 files cannot be played properly.
Possible Cause: The MP3 file is compressed by a standard, such as MPEG I Layer 1 or Layer 2 that the player does not support.
1.Delete the unsupported MP3 files.
2.Use MPEG I Layer 3 standard to compress the unsupported MP3 files.

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