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 Smart Wearable Devices
  • Remotely control your mobile phone to take photos, play music, and forecast weather;
  • Checks emails, reminds incoming calls and messages, auto-response of messages, synchronizes contact list;
  • Tracks and records your daily steps by apps;
  • Supports motion sensing games;
  • Supports social networking including Twitter, and Facebook.

Never miss anything important. Straightaway!
Have you ever calculated how many times you missed an important call, messages, email or other notification because you couldn't hear the tone or it wasn't appropriate to be checking your phone? Now with this smart watch on your wrist, which communicates with your smart phone via Bluetooth, you will not miss anything important wherever you left your smart phone.

 Remotely control your mobile phone to take photos, play music, and forecast weather
The smart watch allows you to remotely control you smart phone so that you can take photos, play music and forecast weather, etc. All funny things are handled in your palm. Amazing, just enjoy it.

Good companion of your health
With its integrated Bluetooth technology, you can link it up to pedometers and other sensors. Together with the many apps dedicated to fitness, it is the perfect training partner to keep you in shape and improve your performance.

Real-time knowing anything in social networking
You do not need to check your phone to see if your Facebook friends are up to anything. It lets you know. You can read Facebook messages and tweets as they come in.

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