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 Smart Wearable Devices
  • Support iOS and Android system;
  • Low power consumption, one battery works for 9 mouth.
  • Wirelessly connects to your phone, notifies you when you are separated from your phone or any object to which the key fob is attached;
  • The app can help you find your items;
  • Equipped with a speaker to remind and alert you.

Anti-Lost function, keeping your valuable items from being lost
Connect the key fob to valuable things, such as mobile phone, purse, laptop, camera, luggage, or even your baby & pets, etc. If the distance of the paired key fob and iPhone or android devices is out of range, both of them will trigger alert. "Setting mode" in APP will define the type of alert.

 Searching function, keep track of your valuables
Losing your valuable items may be a nightmare. Consider the cost of replacing your lost valuable items, such as iPhone, the downtime, and the threat to your personal information and you'll see Yifang key fob is a must-have for you. It allows you to use your iPhone or android devices to keep track of one valuable item. Use it to track your camera, briefcase and handbag--anything you never want to worry about losing. No more stressing over losing important items or wasting time searching for them. Let it help you track and recover your most valued items. 

with buzzer and LED light, giving you more assistance in searching
The alarm with customizable range and audio alert tells you when you've left your valuable behind. It also has LED light and therefore you can look for your stuff in the dark.

Remotely control of your phone, taking photos or recording
When both the phone and the key fob are in normal connection, you can enter into the interface of applications, single click the button of key fob and then you can remotely control of phone to take photos or record. At this moment, functions of searching and alarm beyond range are of no use. When both of them are disconnected, the alarm works again.

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