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Enter the Post-mouse Era... Latest Touch Pens Turn Any Monitor into a Touch Screen

Along with the appearance of Widows 8, the world is relying less on mice and more on touch-based input, sourcing our touch pens is a smart move. By utilizing the latest technology, our pens are able to turn any computer monitor into a touch screen.

Touch 8 is a Windows peripheral device for the "post-mouse era" that upgrades a PC screen to a touch screen, improving the Windows user experience. The Touch 8 comes with a cordless digital pen, detachable receiver, and a USB cable connection to the Windows device. It is available in wired and wireless version. Moreover, it offers plug-and-play simplicity; there are no drivers to download. You just simply attach the receiver to the edge of the screen using the provided magnetic clip, and then connect the USB cable. Once the computer or laptop is turned on, you can start enjoying Windows touchscreen capabilities with the Touch 8. In the meantime, it is up to 17" coverage area, 500 hours of continuous writing/hovering battery life, and absolute positioning.

The technology of Touch 8 stems from Israel Military Technology, which owns sole two-dimensional positioning and tracking technology. By means of transmitting and receiving devices via infrared and ultrasonic and taking advantage of light speed and sound speed to locate the place and then it will make calibration though the software and ultimately realize exact touch. Best of all, it enables users to activate all applications by simply touching, sliding, swiping and dragging the pen. It can be used to view the web, check email, zoom in and out on pictures, play games, and annotate documents, all by touch. One more thing, there are no similar products in the market, guarantee the quality and upgrading services of the touch pen.

Besides, it is cost effective and widely used in many occasions, such as business meeting, education and entertainment, etc. It is the best assistant of business office.

Touch 8---easily turn your PC to touch, with it, you can really enjoy superior user experience brought by it.

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