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Riding Bikes around Songshan Lake, Enjoying Low-carbon Life

In 3rd, August, our company organized us to ride bikes around Songshan Lake in Dongguan, which mainly called us on "getting close to nature, low-carbon and environment-protected". Now we will give some details about it and share happiness with you.

Actually, the weather was not so good that day; every one of us thought that this activity would be cancelled due to the bad weather. However, it was hold as the exact time. It seemed that the god witnessed the strong will of us and when we reached the destination, it has cleared up. All these made us cheer up.

This activity was divided into three parts, here we just mentioned two of them; one was the game-playing; the other was riding bikes around Songshan Lake. In order to make comfortable atmosphere, we began to play games. All of us were been divided into three teams, which gave a name of their own team. Moreover, we have played three games, such as ping-pong ball pickup, water or vinegar-drinking and distinction and bottle cap-throwing. See the following pictures:

Picture 1: Team Menglong

Picture 2: Team Sailor Moon

Picture 3: Team Peanut

Picture 4, Picture 5 and Picture 6: the game of Ping-pong ball pick-up

Picture 7: water or vinegar-drinking and distinction

Picture 8: Awards granted to the team winning in games

The most important thing of this activity was riding bikes around Songshan Lake. After feast lunch, we began to select bikes we loved and then made the bicycle trip around the Songshan Lake. The whole distance of it was 32 kilometers. It took us over three hours to make the whole bicycle trip. The funny thing of riding bikes was that our clothes got wet by the rain and then got dry by the sun because the weather changed so quickly. However, we all finished the whole bicycle trip. See the following pictures:

Picture 9:

As a whole, this activity was of great significance, which contributed to the enforcement of our team spirits and that we enjoyed the low-carbon and environment-protected life.


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