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Good News: Yifang Digital Earns "Advanced Quality Development Company" Title


March 22, Shenzhen China: Yifang Digital was identified as an "Advanced Quality Development Company" by the Shenzhen Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision. The ceremony was overseen by Guo Xiaoyu , vice director of the Shenzhen Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision; Zhao Guanghua, the vice district warden; and Chen Guiyu, general director of the Nanshan District Bureau of Quality & Technical Supervision. Public Relationships Manager Cong accepted the medal on behalf of Yifang Digital.
The "Advanced Quality Development Company" award acknowledges and promotes companies and individuals as models to encourage quality in development at all levels. Twenty-one companies were recognized as Advanced Quality Development Companies, and sixty-nine persons were elected as Quality Development Advanced Personnel. In addition to being receiving the Advanced Quality Development Company award, Yifang's account director Zheng Zhidong was acknowledged as the Advanced Quality Development Individual.

The award recognizes Yifang's quality management system. Since Yifang Digital was established its mission has been "100% customer satisfaction by continuously improving our working methods and processes". The entire staff is structured around a complete quality control system, with regular quality improvement reviews, including environmental quality control management in conjunction with our target of achieving optimal performance.

Quality is considered to be the life our company, (we can only survive and become strong through consistent quality management) we are committed to improving our quality control and through creative and efficient methods.

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