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-----Donation from Yifang Digital for the Victims of the Earthquake in Sichuan

12 May 2008 14:28, a magnitude 8 earthquake hit Wenchuan county in Sichuan province, China. To all Chinese, this earthquake was a real nightmare for it caused 32477 person dead and 220109 person injured, the number of death and injury is still in rise.

"One in Trouble, All to Help", this Chinese old saying still goes well in current modern society and plays an important role to help the victims to rebuild their home. Upon having heard this disaster, each parts of society, from international non-government charity organization to individual, all made donation for the victims of the earthquake in China.

As an enterprise citizen considers "Contribute to the Society "as its responsibility,Yifang Digital also launched donation for the victims of the earthquake among the whole company. Its board of shareholders donated RMB500,000, in addition to other donation from all the staff, there is RMB591,238 donation in total from Yifang Digital. Untill May 20th, the donation still continues.

The donation will be delivered to the disaster area through Shenzhen Nanshan Charity Federation. More than just the donation, the love, pray and hope will be delivered, too.


凝爱成海 情系灾区




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