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 Digital Pens
  • Keep the way you are writing: Pen on paper naturally
  • Extensive usage: class notes, homework, meeting memo, working notes essay and diary, etc.
  • Auto-sync with the Cloud, support Evernote and more
  • File your notes by date
  • Review your notes easily
  • Share your notes freely.

Digitizes and records handwriting wirelessly with no computer
Just open the cloud notebook and then begin to write whatever you want to; it automatically digitizes your written notes and can store up to 100 pages wirelessly without having to connect to a computer.

From Paper, Directly To Your Digital World
It comes with Bluetooth to let you sync your files to your Android phones and then your recorded notes are wirelessly sent and securely stored in the Cloud, such as Evernote® account and more.

Any Time, Anywhere Access to Your Notes
Using Evernote, quickly search and share your lectures, meetings and ideas any time on nearly any device. Simply tap on your notes in Evernote.

Wireless Transferring and Sharing
Your recorded notes are wirelessly sent and securely stored in your free Evernote account automatically. You can easily search, review, and share them anytime and anywhere. Never miss your precious things.

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