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 Digital Pens
  • With Dongle type receiver & digital pen, you can write on your iPad screen freely and safely;
  • Looks like standard pen but with the finest pen tip compared with any capacitive stylus;
  • Input sophisticated and very precise handwriting and drawing;
  • Palm rejection, you can lean your palm on iPad screen during writing, which is very user-friendly;
  • Photo editing on iPad screen;
  • Send handwriting emails, meeting memo, class notes, e-signature etc on the move;
  • Paperless solution and green product;
  • Free applications are available in Apple's App Store.

Precision of the Stylus!
It comes with a pen-shaped stylus, you'll find that taking notes is easier than typing, and drawing will be as simple and comfortable as using a pen and paper. A mouse is great for "point and click" - but it was never made to draw or truly be creative. You find that you're able to draw and create right on your iPad 1, 2 or new iPad like you've never been able to before on a computer.

Simple and easy!
Because you are using a smart stylus pen, take notes in real time - in your handwriting. That means no more transcribing those notes into an email so you can share them electronically. Now when the meeting is over, email those notes before you even leave the room. And you can add other visual info like dimensions or arrows that you could never add to a plain text email.

Make it more personal!
Not only can you send friends and loved ones personal notes - in your own handwriting via email - but you can add your personal creativity to favorite pictures. Imagine taking that favorite photo of you and your friends on your last vacation together, and adding personal comments or humorous memories from the trip - all right on the photo. Then share that photo via Facebook, Flickr or any social / sharing website you want.

Free App on App Store
Thanks to its exclusive App, it sends your handwritten notes and graphs directly to your iPad®. It also allows you to write and draw on photos taken with your iPad®, so you can share them.

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